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Computer needs a new Lease of Life?

Lets give it a nice shiny upgrade!

PC components are made with an upgrade in path in mind. Gaming PC's work the same way. If it is a few years old now and starting to get slow, then you can upgrade! We offer advice on the best upgrade path to help you choose the best option to get those temperatures low and those frames right up high!

  • Maximum Price to Performance
  • Expansive and Exellent Product Knowledge
  • All Builds Come With 2 Year Warranty
  • Guranteed Friendly and Helpful Advice

We Build Your Dream PC

Any parts, any look, we can make it happen.

We know that now PC's are more than just working parts, they are artforms. What colours, themes, lighting etc. Cable management, part compatibility, part quality...it is a headache. Leave that to us.

Honesty and Transparency

We promise delivering top service and to deliver it perfectly

It is our promise to the customer that all dealings are fair and transparent. Customer satisfaction and trust are very important to us, so we do our utmost best to ensure you, the customer, is happy. You'll be updated with progress, never left waiting.